The Lesbians are patrons of the Lamb & Flag, and are portrayed by actresses Cindy Shelley and Carla Mendonca respectively. When Richie and Eddie are trying to pull with the aid of their revolutionary new sex spray, the girls become the reluctant focus of their attention ("Smells.") Richie's attempt to chat them up goes reasonably well when one of the girls, Kate, agrees to let him buy her a drink. He then requisitions Eddie to assist him in buying some condoms from the machine in the gents. Upon their return to the bar, the girls have moved tables. Richie continues his attempts to chat them up, but is politely informed by Kate that she is one half of a lesbian couple, and is trying to have a quiet drink with her girlfriend. Richie becomes enraged by the claim (probably because the previous night he was rebuffed by a couple of girls he didn't know were lesbians) and demands the 80p back for the drink he bought her. The girls soon decide to leave despite Richie's efforts to convince them to come back to the flat to watch a beachwear special of The Clothes Show.