The Dangerous Brothers is a double act created by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson for the Comedy Store in 1981 and again in 1986 for Saturday Live. The sketches feature Mayall as Richard Dangerous and Edmondson as Sir (sometimes Lady) Adrian Dangerous who attempt to perform ridiculous stunts using hazardous items. The characters may be possible prototypes and influences for Mayall and Edmondson's characters Richie and Eddie in Bottom, particularly the live shows.

Saturday Live Edit

The short-lived English version of the hit US sketch series Saturday Night Live, Saturday Live gave The Dangerous Brothers a slot. This was a chance for Mayall and Edmondson to revive the characters they had originally used on stage at London's Comedy Store 5 years earlier.

Unfortunately, the sketches were taken off for being too violent. In particular one called Kinky Sex was banned but was released along with the rest of the sketches on VHS and DVD years later. However, The Dangerous Brothers made a comeback in the sketch Dangervision where they 'blew up' the Saturday Live studios in revenge for banning them.

List of Sketches Edit

The Comic Strip at Julien Temple '81

The Towering Inferno

Big Stunt

Torture - featuring Norman Lovett

Crocodile Snogging (which featured a live crocodile) and featuring John Bird

Flying Zebra

Exploding Politicians

How To Get Off With A Lady - featuring Edmondson's wife Jennifer Saunders

Babysitting - featuring Morwenna Banks as the wife and John Bird as the husband.

Dangervision - featuring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Kinky Sex

Trivia Edit

During the performance of "World of Danger," Ade is seen playing a crude melody on the piano. The same melody is played during the Bottom episode "Accident," shortly before Ade and his piano come crashing through the ceiling. Also, during this sketch, Ade suffered serious burns to his legs.

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