Here you should list any word unique to Bottom. Many shows end up developing their own vocabulary of words that end up synonymous with the show itself ["smeg" for example, in Red Dwarf.] Please alphabetise the word you wish to add and give a brief explanation of the word too.


Funfty - a fictional number used when trying to describe repeated happenstance in absence of the actual number of occasions known. Such as "it's happened to me funfty times..." The word could also refer to the German 'funf' for the number five.


Juggerama - a word used by Richie to describe an excess of attractive, large-breasted women in any one place.

Jugfest - Similar to Juggerama, although used specifically to describe a small collection of attractive, large-breasted women in any one place, namely a group of good-looking nurses sat at a table in the Lamb & Flag pub.


Soi-disant - twice used by Richie with an ambiguous meaning. Richie is first heard using it to have a gentle dig at Eddie's apparent uncultured-ness in "'s Out," but is later heard using it in Guest House Paradiso with more positive overtones. (I believe the actual phrase used is "soi-disant" from the French meaning self styled/self proclaimed.)


Trouserial - an adjective used to describe anything related to the genitals, underpants or trousers.

Twatshire - an English county made up by Richie, when he astutely decides that the "berk" in Berkshire can only mean there must be a Twatshire as well.


Vzzzbux - a made-up word intended to be synonymous with "ironmonger."