Bottom FluffEdit

A clip compilation originally released on VHS in 1991. It is essentially a gag reel featuring outtakes, bloopers and deleted scenes from the first series of the show. For the later DVD releases, deleted scenes were incorporated into the main episodes, with the gag reel included as a special feature on the DVD. 

Bottom Live: The Scratch 'n' Sniff Box SetEdit

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A limited edition VHS release of Bottom Live released in 1993. The video cassette was packaged in a cardboard box resembling a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal and contained then-popular "scratch 'n' sniff" cards. There has never been a DVD version and the VHS box set is now rare and still fetches up to £25 at various online retailers.

Bottom: Mindless ViolenceEdit

A clip compilation released in 2004 on DVD featuring every fight scene between Rik and Ade throughout their entire career. The DVD includes scenes from The Young Ones, Filthy Rich & Catflap, The Dangerous Brothers, The Comic Strip Presents and Bottom. It also includes scenes from the live shows and their 1999 film Guest House Paradiso.

Bottom: Series 4Edit

A fourth series of Bottom was written following the conclusion of series three, however it was not picked up by the BBC. Portions of the storylines intended for the series were incorporated into the live shows.

Hooligan's IslandEdit

In 2012, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson were revealed to be working on a sequel series to Bottom entitled Hooligan's Island. Ade later pulled out of the project , and it was subsequently dropped.

How To Be A Complete BastardEdit

How To Be A Complete Bastard is a book written in 1986 by Adrian Edmondson, Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine. It instructs the reader in how to be a complete bastard to such people as the deaf, blind and crying babies and is written from the point of view of Ade's Young Ones character Vivian. It was followed by a sequel titled The Complete Bastard's Book of the Worst in 1989, a video game for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64, and a board game published by Paul Lamond Games Ltd. The board game loosely took the form of snakes and ladders, and contained cards which encouraged the player to perform such actions as "tell the person to your left what you think of their mother" and "invent The Bastard Dance and perform it for the benefit of the other players."

The Rik Mayall: Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than ChristEdit

The Rik Mayall: Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ is Rik Mayall's semi-autobiography. It was published in 2006 and its content is intentionally provocative and self-indulgent, much in the spirit of Mayall's own vibrant and outrageous personality. At its core it is an overview of Rik's life, career and achievements, told in a tongue-in-cheek style with photographs and excerpts from bizarre letters he has allegedly sent to various celebrities throughout his life. The book contains intentional spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to bolster the comic value of the text. It is Mayall's only autobiographical book.

Bottom: The Scripts - The book of the tv series...Edit

Bottom: The Scripts - The book of the tv series... is a collection of scripts from the first series of Bottom published in 1992. It was compiled by stars Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson and published by BBC Books. The book contains extended portions of dialogue not heard in the televised versions, the assumption being that these were lost in the standard editing process.