Ralph Filthy is one of the three main characters in Filthy, Rich & Catflap. He is portrayed by actor and comedian Nigel Planer.


Ralph is a middle-aged white male with untidy blond hair in a combover. He always wears a black dinner suit with a bow tie and a blue flower tucked into the top pocket. The suit is usually dirty, with white blotches of an unknown substance often on the shoulders, contributing to Ralph's overall unkempt appearance. He speaks with a London accent peppered with Polari.

Personality & LifestyleEdit

Ralph is Richie's agent, and is supposed to keep him on top of the showbusiness game by securing his client regular acting jobs. He is a bit of a world-weary slob however and sponges off Richie and Eddie by smoking their cigarettes and drinking their alcohol. He is convinced he is dying, and regularly proclaims "I'm a dying man," but he never goes into any detail about his illness. He is well established however and has many contacts in the business. 


  1. Ralph doesn't smile once in any of the six episodes.