Nigel Planer (born 22 February 1953) is a British actor, comedian, novelist, playwright and, more recently, a singer. He is perhaps best known for his role as the down-and-out hippie Neil in The Young Ones. As well as writing and acting in a variety of sitcoms, he has appeared in a number of West End musicals in recent years, including Hairspray, We Will Rock You and Chicago. As of 2013, he has appeared in 25 episodes of The Comic Strip Presents... invariably alongside The Young Ones and Filthy, Rich & Catflap co-stars Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Planer's comedic style is typically that of the shambolic outsider, used to great effect in a number of episodes of The Comic Strip Presents... most memorably in the Bad News sketch, a mockumentary following the exploits of a fictional rock band of the same name, where Planer's character just "doesn't get it" and frequently complains to his fellow band members and the film crew.

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