N. Stiles is a one-time patron of the Lamb & Flag. He is portrayed by Robert Llewellyn. In "Parade," he joins in a conversation with Richie and Eddie about the Falklands War. Richie is busy bragging about his non-existent service in the war, which catches Mr Stiles' attention. During the exchange, he reveals to the boys that he has a wooden leg carved by naked Balinese maidens, having lost his real leg during the conflict. He soon becomes enraged with Richie's outlandish claims and gets into a fight, which he wins. Later on in the episode, he falls asleep at the bar, allowing Eddie to twist off his fake leg, take it down to Harry the Bastard's pawn shop and sell it so they can put some money on a horse.


  1. Robert Llewellyn is best known for playing the neurotic mechanoid Kryten in Red Dwarf.