Mrs Potato is Spudgun's mother. She appears in "Parade," and is portrayed by actress Patsy Rowlands. At the beginning of the episode, she has reported her son for stealing her handbag. Whilst Spudgun insists he borrowed it so he could go to a cross-dressing party, Mrs Potato is adamant it was a theft. Chief Inspector Grobelaar is not impressed with her wasting police time, and has her taken outside for a good drubbing. Later on in the episode, she partakes in several drinks and then heads down to Harry The Bastard's Pawn Shop in hope of making some cash to put on the horses.


"Oh shit..."


  1. Her first name is never mentioned in dialogue, but the credits give it as "Lil."
  2. Actress Patsy Rowlands sadly passed away in 2005 aged 74.