Mrs Foxfur is a minor character in the 1999 film Guest House Paradiso. She is portrayed by legendary British actress Fenella Fielding. The vintage and eccentric Mrs Foxfur is a permanent resident at the hotel, and is oblivious to the fact that Richie is milking her for advanced payments of rent. She dresses in gaudy colours and wears a fox-skin scarf around her neck. She refers to Richie as "Twat" when greeting him, much to his annoyance, but pleases him when all she asks for is a boiled egg for breakfast. Richie takes advantage of Mrs Foxfur's tender state by posing as various fictitious relations of himself in order to acquire money, not limited to posing as a dentist in order to steal her gold teeth. Richie is also revealed to have offered gynaecological services to Mrs Foxfur in the past, much to Eddie's indescribable horror. Mrs Foxfur later succombs to the violent food poisoning caused by eating radioactive fish.


  1. Fenella Fielding is best known for playing Valeria Watt in Carry On Screaming
  2. She is also known historically as "England's First Lady of the double entendre" for her clever wit; a fitting addition to the Bottom mythology given that the show revolves around jokes with double-meaning.