The Rottweiller Rage

Mr Rottweiller is the neighbour of Richie and Eddie. He is portrayed by distinguished British actor Brian Glover. In "Gas" Richie and Eddie knock on Mr Rottweiller's door in hope of distracting him while one of them disconnects the illegal gas line they have installed in his kitchen. Rottweiller however, is in love and has a "bird" round, and naturally doesn't want to be disturbed by "them bastards from next door."

Rottweiller is later observed bonking his girlfriend through the bedroom window, and is oblivious to Richie and Eddie bashing a hole in his bedroom wall while he and his girlfriend sleep it off. As Eddie gets to work on disconnecting the gas pipeline, Richie's curiosity gets the better of him and ends up crawling up the bed between Rottweiller and his missus.

Eddie later blows the kitchen up, waking Rottweiller who frantically runs downstairs shouting for the services of the gas board. He swings open the door to find the dazed Gas Man from Act One stood on the doorstep, who tells them that Richie and Eddie have been seen in his flat. As Richie and Eddie celebrate their apparent success by bricking up the hole they broke in through, Rottweiller bursts through in a rage and throttles them both.


  1. Brian Glover is best known for playing rugged Yorkshiremen types, and has starred in various television and film roles, including the 1992 film Alien 3 alongside Sigourney Weaver.
  2. Glover starred with Rik Mayall in the 1981 film An American Werewolf In London. They are briefly seen sitting at a table together when the two hikers enter the Slaughtered Lamb public house.
  3. He was once the voice of the pig in early adverts for Now That's What I Call Music and Gaffer in the Tetley Tea adverts.
  4. Glover died in 1997 from a brain tumour.
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