Mr Johnson & Ms Hardy are characters from the 1999 film Guest House Paradiso, portrayed by Bill Nighy and Kate Ashfield respectively. They are first seen rumbling Richie in the hallway of the hotel when they catch him peering through the keyhole of the honeymoon "suet." Richie instantly passes judgement on the two, suggesting they are committing adultery. He then pesters them as they walk down the stairs to the dining room. Mr Johnson soon voices his frustrations at the wait time for breakfast, but is quickly calmed by Ms Hardy. When he finally gets round to taking their order, he is shot in the behind with a pencil by Eddie, the shock of which launches him towards Ms Hardy, nearly grabbing her breasts. 

The couple follow Richie into the kitchen after having to endure listening to him fight violently with Eddie. Mr Johnson, now even more enraged, rolls up his sleeves and endures one final insult from Richie before punching him unconscious. They are never seen again after this incident and it is presumed they left shortly afterwards.


  1. Richie's reference to "Edward and Mrs Simpson" when first meeting the couple on screen is of course a reference to King Edward VIII and his American partner Wallis Simpson.
  2. Bill Nighy was relatively unknown at the time of starring in this film. It wouldn't be until he appeared in 2003's Love Actually that he would shoot to international stardom.