Mr & Mrs Nice are minor characters in the 1999 film Guest House Paradiso. They are portrayed by Simon Pegg and Lisa Palfrey respectively. The couple and their children check in to the hotel after the departure of Mr Johnson & Ms Hardy, much to Richie's delight. They are subject to Richie's rigorous orientation regime upon checking in, and soon become the focus of a minor scandal when Richie breaks into their room and steals a red spiky rubber bikini he finds amongst their luggage. Mr Nice soon notices that the bikini is missing and spots Richie on CCTV wearing it. He subsequently confiscates the CCTV tape from Richie and sleeps with it clutched in his hands, prompting an inventive and eye-gougingly painful retrieval mission. The Nice family later become victims of food poisoning after eating the radioactive fish served at supper.


  1. Simon Pegg, like Bill Nighy, was relatively unknown at the time of the film, and Guest House Paradiso was only his second appearance in a feature film.