Johnnie Bates is a one-off character in Bottom. He appears in "Holy" and is played by Charlie Biddle. During Richie, Eddie, Spudgun and Hedgehog's Christmas celebrations, the doorbell rings, and Richie discovers baby Johnnie in a crib on the doorstep. Mistaking him for the son of God, the boys set about hastening the Second Coming. Mr Harrison ruins the occasion however, when he barges in demanding his grandson back. Mr Harrison was supposed to be spending the day with his daughter Valerie and her newborn son, but Valerie had to go away temporarily to tend to a family emergency leaving him in charge of Johnnie. Not having a clue how to care for a baby, and more interested in watching Goldfinger on the television, he left the baby on his tenants' doorstep and buggered off until the film finished.