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"Hole" is the first episode of the third series. It was first broadcast on January 6 1995. Richie and Eddie become stranded at the top of the big wheel at the fairground, and learn that it is due to be demolished.


Richie and Eddie are on a ferris wheel, having spent most of the evening at the fairground. Richie has been eyeing up a couple of birds all night and has molested a fairground attendant he mistook for a female due to his large pectorals; Eddie meanwhile was sick on the waltzers and developed uncontrollable diarrhoea on the ghost train, and is wearing a skirt he stole from the passenger next to him.

Becoming frustrated with the length of time it takes to get everyone on board, they soon realise that they are the only ones on the ride, and most of the fairground has closed for the evening. Richie goes into meltdown, however Eddie remains relatively calm until he reads in The Hammersmith Bugle that the wheel is due to be demolished the following day. Richie devises a plan to attract the attention of a passing police helicopter by using one of Eddie's bottles of home brew as a distress flare, which only succeeds in setting the cabin on fire. The continue to argue amongst themselves unril Richie sits down with a thump causing the supports on the cabin to fail on one side and swing around violently as they cling on for dear life. 

Both look to God for salvation, and are amazed to be confronted by an enormous hand which plucks them from to safety. The episode concludes with the duo admitting they don't actually believe in God, causing the hand to disappear. As the heavenly hand gives way, both apparently fall to their deaths.

Guest StarsEdit

None, only Rik and Ade appear in the episode, although others on the ground are inferred.


Richie: Well if you had the common decency to go out and get a proper job, instead of lying around the flat all day like some sort vast slug... then perhaps I'd have the opportunity... to take my shirt off and wash it without the risk of you seeing my nipples!


  1. One of only three episodes to feature only Rik and Ade, with no other actors appearing.
  2. Ade, as had become customary throughout the three series, again breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the camera in the closing moments of the episode.
  3. In the scene where one side of the Ferris wheel carriage Richie is sitting comes loose it can be seen that a dummy is there instead of Rik Mayall.
  4. This is one of two episodes the feature Richie and Eddie visiting the fair. The other being Apocalypse.

Fluffs (read before adding to this section)Edit

  1. When Eddie knocks his pint glass off the edge of the ferris wheel you can hear it smashing on the studio floor.


  1. Eddie mentions his father's funeral in the episode, yet has previously indicated that he never knew him. It is possible of course given the hiatus between series two and three that he may have found time to meet his father and/or attend a service in his honour.

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