Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms, appears briefly in the finale of Bottom Live: The Big Number 2 Tour (she doesn't really of course, listeners, why in Hades would she?) In the play, Richie becomes extremely excited at the prospect that she will be traveling past the flat on her "Royal itinerarararary...."

Convinced that he will be able to attract her attention and have her round for tea, Richie sets off some fireworks and wiggles his todger at her as she passes by, landing both him and Eddie with a 350 year jail sentence. When Richie and Eddie eventually make good their escape from prison, they arrive back at the flat to find the Queen herself at the door. They forget however that they have rigged up an explosive to keep the police out, blowing all three of them to smithereens.


  1. The unnamed actress who played HM The Queen holds the honour of being the only other performer to appear on stage in a live Bottom performance.
  2. We must assume that Her Maj' survived the explosion at the end of the play, as she has in recent years been able to celebrate both her Golden and Diamond Jubilees.