Gina Carbonara is a character in the 1999 film Guest House Paradiso. She is portrayed by French actress Helene Mahieu. Gina arrives at the hotel midway through the film, much to the delight of Richie, who had earlier seen clips from her latest work of erotica on the television. Gina is a famous Italian actress and comes to the hotel to get away from her ill-tempered fiance Gino Bolognese, whom she left languishing at the altar. She is sensual and charming, even towards a slob like Richie, who plans to have a plaque made saying "Gina Carbonara stayed here." Eddie suggests adding an extra sentence to the plaque of "...and thought it was shit." Unlike the rest of the guests, she refers to Richie as Mr Thwaite as he prefers, but in a moment of madness he insists she pronounce it "twat." Later on he inexplicably corrects her and tells her his surname is "Cunt."

Gina declines to dine with the rest of the guests, and takes her meal of a light salad in her room. Subsequently she becomes the only guest not to have eaten the poisonous fish that later causes everyone to vomit violently. In the final act, Gina's fiance arrives at the hotel having sought her out, and attempts to conduct the wedding himself. Gino, fortunately (and unfortunately for him) eats the fish and becomes extremely ill, managing to expel an enormous green bolus of sick which rolls towards Richie, Eddie and Gina a la Indiana Jones.

When the government finally arrive at the hotel with intentions to cover up the radioactive fish incident, Gina joins Richie and Eddie in their escape to a desert island. She appears to provide sexual services to them both, apparent when she tells Richie it is "his turn" and then goes down on him.


  1. Gina's surname, and that of her fiance, are obviously references to the types of food of the same name.
  2. Based on her antics at the end of the film, it is reasonable to assume that Gina took Richie's virginity.
  3. Helene Mahieu is best known for being the face of Renault's "Size Matters" campaign, which the company used to promote its new Clio model.