Poker is a popular game played with a deck of playing cards. Richie and Eddie are playing a skewed game of Poker in "Gas." Instead of standard chips, the pair are using various objects, offerings and booby prizes as wagers, including a signed photograph of Sue Carpenter, three pence in change, a Chinese burn and a forced "cleaning and disinfecting of the lavatory bowl". Eddie appears to be making up his own rules at Richie's expense, managing to win the game with five kings, and demanding £12 in cash from Richie upon revealing one of his cards.

Put a Bit of Sellotape on the FridgeEdit

A rather mundane game based on the old classic "Pin The Tail On The Donkey." Richie and Eddie desperately devise the game when it becomes obvious they lack even a single item required to play the equine-based activity. Eddie wins the first round fair and square, masterfully placing the last piece of sellotape on the fridge door, much to Richie's annoyance ("Culture.")

A "See How Much Custard You Can Fit in Your Underpants" CompetitionEdit

An old favourite of Richie and Eddie's, the name of the game is pretty self-explanatory. Two or more participants must fill their underpants with as much custard as humanly possible. The one with the most volume wins. In "Culture," Richie and Eddie partake in a round of the game, but insist that this time they use cold custard and wave the "handstand rule." Richie has an advantage over most players as his underpants are so stupendously huge, and wins the game in the episode after Eddie sits down causing the custard to explode all over the lounge.


Chess is a popular strategy board game for two players. The aim of the game is to force the opposing player's King into an inescapable position, called a 'checkmate.' Other methods of victory include a stalemate, or voluntary resignation of an opponent where he or she has lost too many pieces to mount an effective attack. In "Culture," Richie and Eddie decide to play chess to wittle away what had so far been a day of boredom and bickering after the television had been taken away. Richie becomes overly excited at the prospect of taking Eddie on in a battle of "the great big minds" and goes to elaborate lengths to set the scene for the game, such as wearing a smoking jacket and making cocktails. 

The game hits a snag early on when Richie notices that half the pieces from his Great Auntie Dorothy's old and incredibly expensive chess set are missing (pawned by Eddie no doubt.) The pieces were said to be made of ivory and worth up to £75 each. Undeterred, they substitute the missing pieces with various household items, including condiments, plants, toys and food. An itemised list of replacement chess pieces can be seen below:

Bottle of Daddy's brown sauce = King

12" Spiderman action figure, a bottle of Old Spice aftershave & a model skeleton = Rooks

Tomato-shaped ketchup dispenser & an empty miniature bottle of whiskey = Knights

A small cactus plant with a handmade paper crown = Queen

A plastic sausage & a small blue piece of plastic = Bishops

Frozen prawns = Pawns

After much pottering around to get the game set up, Richie drops the bombshell that he doesn't actually know how to play chess...


In "Accident," Richie decides to force Eddie, Spudgun and Hedgehog into a game of "Sardines," which is essentially a grown-up version of "Hide and Seek." According to Richie, she who finds the person's hiding place must snog them, but in the absence of any girls at his birthday gathering [and a stark unwillingness to indulge Richie's curiosity] the boys decide to carry the wheelchair-bound Richie upstairs and shove him in the cupboard whilst they go back downstairs and enjoy themselves. They leave him in there for approximately 7 hours, upon which he becomes bored and decides to venture out, only to come crashing down the stairs in his wheelchair.


A popular board game for two to four players. Each player picks seven alphabet-inscribed tiles at random from a bag and is required to make a word with their selection. Each letter is also inscribed with a number indicating its worth in points, with the rarer, more difficult to use letters given a higher amount of points. For example a letter A = 1 point, but a letter Q = 10 points. Placement of the letters on the board is also involved in the strategy, with certain blocks offering bonus multipliers for the tile used. Richie and Eddie often play Scrabble to pass the time when it's raining. In "Break," Eddie recalls that they usually play it when they go away on holiday, implying that most of their trips away are blighted by bad weather...


A popular guessing-game requiring one person to act out or mime a word, without speaking, so that his or her audience may attempt to guess what the word is. The actor is allowed to inform the audience how many words and syllables he intends to convey, with the use of hand signals. The most popular topic of charades is film names. In "Holy" Richie forces a game of charades on Eddie, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog, unsuccessfully miming the James Bond classic, Goldfinger.


An age-old pastime carried out by children on Halloween Night. Typically a group of children will go house-to-house whilst dressed up in costumes and ask the occupants "trick or treat?" The occupants are then obliged to give the children sweets, or tell them to get lost. In "Terror," Eddie's rather violent encounter with some trick-or-treaters inspires Richie to make up his own version, which involves threatening terrified residents with a homemade cattleprod unless they hand over cash.