Sprouts Mexicane (from "Terror")Edit

Perhaps the most horrific culinary creation ever to grace the human digestive system. In "Terror," Richie cooks up a

Preparing to eat the "Sprouts of Evil."

batch of said crunchy vegetables in an attempt to get into the Halloween spirit. Ingredients include last Christmas's leftover sprouts, chilli powder, a jar of curry powder, three bottles of tobasco sauce and gunpowder. The latter ingredient makes for an explosive result during the cooking process. Side effects of eating this culinary delight include convulsions, fainting and, after regaining consciousness, incendiary flatulence. For the purposes of raising the devil later on in the evening, they are renamed the "Sprouts of Evil."

Richie's Hangover Cure (from "Terror")Edit

Seven eggs, a squirt of washing up liquid, a hint of Domestos, generous amounts of Jif Microliquid and a good squirt of ant spray. Makes for, allegedly, a very effective hangover cure, but only if ingested through the nostrils. Side effects of ingestion include immediate loss of consciousness.

Eddie's House Blend (from "Hole")Edit

Brandy, meths, Pernod, paint stripper, Mr Sheen, brake fluid...and Drambuie. Other than serving as a reminder that Eddie should never be allowed to enter into mainstream home brewing, this concoction makes for a very effective Molotov cocktail/distress flare type device when the need arises. He offers it to Richie whilst they are stranded on the broken ferris wheel in "Hole." Richie mocks Eddie for including Drambuie on the list of ingredients, but Eddie retorts with "yeah, yeah, yeah you've gotta put something for the birds, haven't you?"

Vodka Margarine (from "Holy")Edit

A highly flammable emergency substitute for brandy butter. Due to Eddie having consumed all of the brandy, Richie is left not being able to make the brandy butter for Christmas Dinner, but Eddie produces an alternative from the fridge - Vodka margarine, complete with its secret ingredient, a couple of cans of hairspray. 

Special K (from "Bottom Live")Edit

A popular breakfast cereal produced by food manufacturer Kellog's. In Bottom Live, Richie finds a full packet of Special K languishing in the bin, which appears to have been in there for quite some time. So long in fact, that the nutritious flakes have coalesced to form an object resembling a breeze block. Undeterred, Richie and Eddie tuck in to said block and end up losing a considerable amount of teeth. The cardboard carton it came in later catches the attention of Eddie, who proceeds to fill out the competition on the back. Unfortunately, any hopes of winning a two-week sun, sea, sex and drink-fueled trip to the Bahamas are dashed when it is realised that the closing date for the competition was the 17th of July 1986.

Eddie's Halloween Home Brew aka The Devil's Brew (from "Terror")Edit

Eddie's first recorded attempt to brew his own beer en masse results in a concoction so volatile that it takes the enamel off the bathtub it is being brewed in. All attempts to bottle the brew fail when it becomes apparent that standard household mugs and beer glasses dissolve on contact, so Eddie resorts to using metal pans to drink it from instead. Eddie's Halloween Home Brew has an unusual effect on the palette, including a certain robustness that demands attention - possibly medical.

GMTV (from "Bottom Live 2003: The Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour")Edit

Another of Eddie's specialist home brews, GMTV is so named because "it completely fucks your mind." GMTV came into existence by accident; Eddie fell into a bathtub full of hops, yeast and water, which when combined with his own malty breath and flatulence became chemically altered to form an alcoholic beverage previously unknown to man.

The Esther Rantzen Cocktail (from "Culture")Edit

A seemingly unremarkable combination of Pernod, Ouzo, Marmalade and salt, shaken about the place but not spilt. Side effects of consumption include a recession of the gums, giving the drinker the appearance of irritating talk-show host Esther Rantzen.

Legumes a Poit (from "Bottom Live 3: Hooligan's Island")Edit

Legumes a Poit, or "pointy veg" in English, is a simple dish of brambles fried in water. Richie cooks up the meal out of desperation when food supplies run out on the island. The effects of eating such a dish are unknown however, as it is discarded in favour of eating a radioactive fish. The fish gives Richie uncontrollable flatulence and projectile vomiting, later used to effect when repelling a tribe of hungry cannibals.

The Fish (from "'s Out")Edit

A small pond-dweller caught by a stray dart when Richie and Eddie are "roughing it up" on Wimbledon Common. When it is realised that Eddie forgot to bring any food with him for the camping trip, they resort to hunting the native wildlife, which is revealed to be a single fish. After fashioning a makeshift harpoon, and dealing with several dart-related accidents, the fish is caught. A lack of camping know-how causes the fish to be incinerated on their campfire but, undeterred, Richie eats what's left of it anyway. Given that he described the taste of the fish as "disgusting," it is possible that he instead gobbled up a nugget of dog poo by mistake.

Falcon Richard's Elixir of Life (from "Bottom Live: The Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour")Edit

A mystical cocktail of unknown ingredients created by Richie's Great Uncle Falcon. Contrary to its namesake, the Elixir actually causes hallucinations, blackouts, anal leakage, testicular explosion and finally death. Falcon himself met his maker after having a few swigs.

Richie's Friday Night Fry-Up (from "Smells")Edit

A vile concoction of fresh eggs, cooking oil and the remains of last week's fry-up. Richie prepares Eddie such a meal in "Smells" when he complains he is too drunk to cook. He forgets he's left it on the stove however, and it explodes all over the kitchen.

The Sunday Fish FingerEdit

A special treat prepared for Eddie every Sunday, the catch being that he doesn't actually like fish fingers. Richie cooks one up for him in "'s Up" and ends up eating it himself. Based on the look on his face we have to assume that it wasn't very fresh...

Elm Tea (from "Contest")Edit

Richie brews a pot of elm tea for breakfast in "Contest." Slippery elm tea is generally used for medical purposes for the relief of stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, colic, coughs and sore throats. The foul tasting tea startles Richie, but he drinks it anyway.

Exploding Carrots (from "Terror")Edit

In the absence of Halloween pumpkins, Eddie whips up a batch of Exploding Carrots. The quaint orange vegetables are hollowed out and filled with gunpowder, a taper inserted and to top it off a small smiley face scrawled on each carrot in permanent marker. When lit they do exactly what their name suggests, especially when Spudgun's incendiary flatulence blows in their direction.