A fluff is a blooper in the Bottom universe. For the purpose of this Wikia article, fluffs are welcomed for addition to the episode pages, however should fit the following criteria:

  1. Must not be a criticism of any special effect, prop or stunt seen in any episode. The special effects and stunts in Bottom are products of their time and may even have been perceived as dated at the time of broadcast. The sometimes obviously dodgy special effects only add to the humour of the situation they are used in.
  2. Must not be an episode-to-episode continuity error; Richie and Eddie die at the end of a number of episodes only to appear alive and well in the next, indicating that the show did not take such plot holes too seriously. Such broader errors in continuity should be included under the relevant heading.

Good examples of fluffs include:

  • Eddie stating that it is seven o'clock in "Holy," only for Richie to note only minutes later that is half-past eight.
  • The beer glass disappearing from the hand of one of the lesbians between shots in "Smells."

Many thanks and happy fluff-spotting!