Smashing birds and ruddy great blokes, welcome to the Bottom Wikia Fan Fiction page. Here you are free to create and share your own adventures based on the antics of Richie & Eddie. Feel free to mix things up a bit and include other characters from Rik & Ade productions.

Click on relevant the category below, create your story title under the "Heading 3" sized font and use square brackets either side to create a hyperlink, ie, Bottom Returns and save. The hyperlink will turn red. Click on the red hyperlink and you will be taken to a blank page to write your story. Any issues, message TheRothOfKhan. Good luck!


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House RulesEdit

Please observe some simple house rules:

  1. Racism will not be tolerated. Any content deemed to be casually or explicitly racist will be deleted.
  2. New story pages should be tagged with "Fan Fiction" at the foot of the page.
  3. Stories should be created under the correct header, ie, mixed universe under the Mixed Universe header.
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