Three series of Bottom were produced between 1991 and 1995, with a hiatus of three years between the second and third series. A fourth was written, but never picked up by the BBC. The plotlines for the unfilmed episodes were recycled for use in the subsequent live shows.

Series OneEdit

The first series of Bottom was filmed and broadcast in 1991. Rik and Ade had already established themselves as a successful, and very funny, double act with such cult shows as The Young Ones, Filthy Rich & Catflap and The Dangerous Brothers, and Bottom was no different. Of note is the ordering of the episodes in relation to filming and broadcast; the quality of the third episode "Contest" is significantly different that the other five episodes, with the characterization and appearance of Rik & Ade slightly different, and the layout of the furniture in the flat at odds with the rest of the series too. Although never referenced in any known source material, it is generally accepted that the episode was a pilot, with subsequent (and admittedly better) storylines produced afterwards and re-ordered for syndication.

Episode Broadcast Date Brief Synopsis
Smells 17 September 1991 Richie and Eddie head down the pub in hope of pulling with the help of a revolutionary new sex-spray.
Gas 24 September 1991 The duo accidentally kill the gas man whilst trying to remove an illegal gas line from their violent neighbour.
Contest 1 October 1991

Richie and Eddie must fend off boredom and adversity when Eddie spends the last of their dole money on a dirty magazine.

Apocalypse 8 October 1991 Richie convinces himself he's got a curse.
's Up 15 October 1991 Richie and Eddie look after their landlord's shop as a favour.
Accident 29 October 1991 Richie breaks his leg during his birthday celebrations.

Series TwoEdit

Series Two was filmed and broadcast in 1992, and featured the return of a number of characters from the first series such as Dick Head, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog. Also appearing again was Helen Lederer, in a different role however. The final episode of the series "'s Out" was pulled by the BBC prior to broadcast out of respect for Rachel Nickell, who was sexually assaulted and murdered on Wimbledon Common (the setting of the episode) only a few weeks after the episode was filmed. The episode would not be officially broadcast until 1995 following the conclusion of the third series.

Episode Broadcast Date Brief Synopsis
Digger 1 October 1992. Richie secures a date by pretending to be an aristocrat.
Culture 8 October 1992. Richie and Eddie must find ways to entertain themselves when their TV is taken away.
Burglary 15 October 1992. Richie and Eddie catch a burglar in their living room.
Parade 22 October 1992. Richie and Eddie steal a war veteran's wooden leg to bet on a horse.
Holy 29 October 1992. Richie and Eddie experience a Christmas miracle.
's Out 10 April 1995. Richie and Eddie go camping on Wimbledon Common.

Series ThreeEdit

Bottom went on hiatus following the conclusion of Series Two, with Rik and Ade focusing their energies on a live UK tour based on the show. The success of the tour prompted them to film a third series, which aired in 1995. It is evident from watching the third series that the sets had been rebuilt (studio space is typically in demand at the BBC and most sets are destroyed when a production shuts down) as the walls of the flat weren't as grungy and the graffiti seen on the walls in the first two series is missing. Likewise the bathroom set was significantly different, as was Eddie's bedroom. The views from the lounge and kitchen windows were also different than previous series, albeit only slightly.

Episode Broadcast Date Brief Synopsis
Hole 6 Jan 1995. Richie and Eddie get stuck on a ferris wheel.
Terror 13 Jan 1995. Richie and Eddie go trick-or-treating.
Break 20 Jan 1995. A day of fighting and bickering for the boys whilst they wait for their holiday to start.
Dough 27 Jan 1995. Eddie starts forging money and gets in trouble with the local master forger old Old London town.
Finger 3 Feb 1995. Richie and Eddie pose as newlyweds after stealing a Welshman's honeymoon tickets.
Carnival 10 Feb 1995. Richie and Eddie partake in some riot-related antics.
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