Episode 2 was first broadcast on 14 January 1987. Richie appears on a game show and ends up getting blackmailed by the Nolans.


Richie secures an appearance on Oo-Er Sounds A Bit Rude, a game show very similar in concept to Blankety Blank. Whilst on the show his overblown ego sends the production into chaos, forcing the director to stop recording. When wandering around backstage, Richie find the Nolan sisters' dressing room and breaks in, eats their lipstick and puts on one of their dresses. The Nolans catch him, and threaten to call the police unless he comes up with a substantial amount of cash before the end of the week.

Inspired by the gumption-covered canvasses that Filthy's assistant paints in her lunch hour, Eddie decides that he can make up the cash by painting and selling his own street art, which catches the attention of stuck-up art critic Mr P'Farty and his assistant Mr N'Bend. Eddie ends up selling more than art at the local gallery when he successfully sells his own flatulence, generating enough cash to pay off the Nolans.

The episode ends with Richie and Eddie singing I'm In The Mood with the Nolans.

Guest StarsEdit

The Nolan Sisters as Themselves

Stephen Fry as P'Farty

Hugh Laurie as N'Bend

Harry Enfield as Julian

Chris Barrie as The Director

Gareth Hale as Ivor Whopper




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