Eddie Catflap is one of the three main characters in Filthy, Rich & Catflap. He is portrayed by actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson. His character is very similar to that of his in Bottom, but unique enough to be considered apart.


Slicked back long greasy hair and always wearing a string vest and black slacks supported with braces. When leaving the flat he puts on a one-piece shirt and tie which fits around his neck and shows enough under his blazer that it appears he is wearing a full suit. 

Personality & LifestyleEdit

Eddie Catflap is persistently drunk, excitable and very similar to his character in Bottom. In this show however, he is quite protective of Richie instead of the all-out hatred Eddie Hitler displays. Eddie is Richie's minder and is supposed to perform such duties as keeping the Paparazzi away and making sure no-one gets too close to him in public; since Richie is such a Z-List celebrity however, he rarely needs to perform this duty and spends his time getting drunk and smoking cigarettes. On occasions where Richie's behaviour in public has attracted enough attention to put him in danger, Eddie has ended up joining in, no more so than when they pay a visit to the supermarket and Eddie sides with the caustic cashier who refuses to give him a trolley full of meat for free.

Like his Bottom counterpart, he frequently gets into violent fights with Richie, with both making up and moving on shortly afterwards.