Chief Inspector Grobelaar.

Chief Inspector Grobelaar works in CID at Hammersmith Police Station. He is portrayed by Andy De La Tour. Grobelaar is short, wiry and sports a hunched over gait. In "Parade," he wanders into the identity suite and is mistaken for a criminal by Richie , who mocks his neanderthal appearance for several seconds before realising who he is insulting. Richie apologises unreservedly, and appears to have got away with it, until later on in the episode when he accidentally assaults Grobelaar in the gents toilet of the Lamb & Flag. Both Richie and Eddie are arrested and taken back to the police station as suspects, and receive a good kicking on Grobelaar's orders.


  1. Andy De La Tour is one of the many Bottom guest stars who also appeared in The Young Ones with Rik and Ade. As well as in its successor Filthy, Rich and Catflap.
  2. Hammersmith CID appear en masse in "Dough " at the pub, however Grobelaar appears to be missing.