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"Carnival" is the sixth and final episode of the third series. It is also the final ever episode of the televised run of the show before the adventures of Richie and Eddie were continued in the live shows. It was first broadcast on 10 February 1995. Richie and Eddie steal a BBC camcorder during the annual Hammersmith Riots and try to make their own You've Been Framed-styled mishaps show.


It's carnival day and Richie and Eddie are watching the annual Hammersmith Riots unfold from their lounge window. Eddie has already looted the off-licence and has stored 136 cases of Malibu in the lounge. After watching "Fatty" Amal and Father O'Mally partake in a bit of anarchy, they decide to head out and do a bit more looting. They return later on with various items of value, but Eddie is mostly fixated on the small plastic duck he stole from Curry's (compensating for the flat screen television that he had dropped earlier when he was being attacked by the riot squad).

Richie reveals he has stolen a BBC camcorder, believing he was entitled to take it anyway because he allegedly pays his TV licence. He decides he can make a fortune by making his own current events talk show much in the style of Robert Kilroy-Silk, however falls down the stairs during the recording. Eddie then inspires Richie to make his own Beadle-styled clip show, but after getting a dart thrown in Eddie’s eye and also at his forehead and having his apron set on fire with frying pan fat and not to mention falling violently falling out of the kitchen window, is horrified to hear that they forgot to put the tape in the camera.

All is not lost however, when they find decide to check if the tape was blank, which after taking under a year for Eddie to set up the VHS player, could still be used for a joke regarding Richie forgetting to put the tape in the camera (Allegedly with Richie assuming he was filming his wife “accidentally sewing her head to the curtains”). This plan becomes thwarted when they slowly realise that the tape Richie had in the camera contained footage depicting Prime Minister John Major getting it on with his mistress after first assuming it was blank. They decide to blackmail the government, but due to Richie and Eddie both giving their names away by accident (Eddie however used Richie’s, even when he was told to “use an assumed name”) they only succeed in attracting their attention to the SAS who immediately have the place surrounded (even confirming this by a policeman from outside calling their phone). While under the impression that it is a seige, Eddie suggests to talk a deal with them to so that they can eat like kings if it is handled right. As the idea gets the two nowhere, the SAS begin to lose their patience with the Richie and Eddie failing to cooperate, opening fire at their window as a result.

Afterwards, they call flat’s telephone once more, finally convincing Richie to comply and asks Eddie to throw down the video, but instead of ejecting the tape, Eddie disconnects the VHS player with the tape still inside and throws it out the window as it lands on one the Policemen below who then sends out the A-Squad as they shortly burst into the flat. Richie and Eddie look at each other in horror as their fate becomes sealed, shouting “Oh shit!” before the A-Squad agents gun them down.

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  1. Amal the kebab shop owner is mentioned for the first time since "Gas."
  2. Richie and Eddie's telephone number "444-4444" is spoken in dialogue, having first been established in Bottom Live.

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