The depraved world of Richie and Eddie continues in this live show. It was recorded in 1993 at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. The show allowed actors Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson to shake off the bounds of BBC censorship and take the action to the next level. The tour took place after the conclusion of the second series of the TV show, and its subsequent popularity led the pair to write and film a third series before moving on to a second live tour.

The PlotEdit

Act 1Edit

Another miserable day in the life of Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler unfolds as Richie begins with the dilemma of what to eat for breakfast when there is no food in the flat. Eddie is suffering from uncontrollable flatulence and is too engrossed in his newspaper to care about Richie's plight. After a brief round of rummaging in the bin and a light breakfast of stale Special K (which is seven years past it's sell-by-date) , the mail arrives. A solicitor's letter is left to Eddie to resolve, and Richie is left with a parcel, which turns out to be an inflatable sex doll he affectionately names Monica. Richie retreats to his bedroom to "get it on," leaving Eddie to sort out the letter, which turns out to be an inheritance of £15,000 bequeathed to Richie following the death of one of his Uncles. Eddie subsequently concocts a plan to kill Richie to inherit the money, but not before making himself a legal next of kin. Richie bursts into the lounge wearing only his underpants, much to the bemusement of Eddie who demands to know where his trousers are. Richie subsequently bribes Eddie with money to leave the flat for a few hours whilst he works his charms on Monica. After several interruptions from Eddie, the first act ends with Richie over-inflating Monica to the point where she explodes.

Act 2Edit


And the lesson is?

The second act opens with Richie having some issues with Monica. She is now properly inflated, but patched up with duct tape in various places. Richie is wearing his best clobber, and in a misguided attempt to lubricate one of Monica's three "offices," (she's a busy girl!) ends up supergluing the doll to his penis. After a futile attempt to hide his predicament from Eddie, he reveals the doll to him, who assists in removing it, and his penis, with a hacksaw. As Richie runs off screaming, Eddie continues on with his plan to kill Richie, and after a few phonecalls becomes his legal next of kin. After an unsuccessful attempt to poison him, Eddie mislays the solicitor's letter which Richie finds and reads, discovering that the inheritance Eddie thinks he is chasing is in fact a debt, that if not paid will result in the heavies coming round to do some damage. Richie resigns to committing suicide, and both electrocute themselves on a homemade electric chair.

The show ends with several curtain calls from Rik and Ade, and with the final curtain appears a large black banner saying "THAT'S IT, FUCK OFF."


There is an eight-minute portion of the second act where Ade mocks Rik for forgetting his lines, sending Rik into an uncontrollable fit of laughter, ironically when the plot is demanding that he deliver some "sad and tragic news." 

During a fight scene, Ade accidentally hits Rik on the nose for real, and immediately breaks character to apologise to him.

Immediately before they eat the Special K, Rik is spotted shoving a handful of fake teeth into his mouth.

Richie fails to shut the fridge door properly, and it remains ajar for the rest of the performance.


  1. Ade dramatically repeats a line from first series episode "Contest" ("slime in this ear, slime in that ear...") generating huge applause from the crowd.
  2. Breaking character, Ade admits to the crowd that he was born in Southampton. This is not true, as Ade was born in Bradford. In later shows during the same tour, he would tell the crowd he was born in the town they were performing in, presumably to get one over on Rik in terms of personal applause from the audience.
  3. Breaking character again, Ade makes reference to English cricketer Mike Gatting during the show. England had just lost to Australia at Old Trafford on the day of the performance.


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