"Accident" is the sixth and final episode of the first series. It was first broadcast on 28 October 1991. Richie breaks his leg during his birthday celebrations and discovers just how few friends he has when no-one turns up for his birthday party. The episode marks the first appearance of Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog.

Plot Edit

Richie bursts into the dining room singing Happy Birthday to himself, and proceeds to open the bumper crop of cards he has received. Eddie soon points out however that the cards (from such celebrities Sue Carpenter, Rod Steiger, General Pinochet, ABBA and the lads from the HMS Ark Royal) are all forgeries by Richie, and sends them to himself every year. Richie becomes annoyed with Eddie and accuses him of trying to ruin his birthday, then demands to know where his present is. Not content with the comb shoddily wrapped in paper that he lost last week, Eddie wraps up the remote control and tells him he can watch whatever he wants. After a brief misunderstanding about his real present, "Madame Swish," Eddie nips down the bookies with twenty pounds of Richie's own cash and returns shortly after with a large wad of winnings from the endeavour. Richie in the meantime has been putting up party decorations for the planned birthday gathering later on. Stood on a chair demanding his cut of the winnings, he falls off and breaks his leg when trying to catch the couple of quid Eddie chucks at him.

Richie is later wheeled back into the flat in a wheelchair, and is joined by Eddie's two "real friends" Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog. Annoyed that only two people have turned up, Richie tried to make the best of the situation by indulging the boys in a game of sardines, which is in essence just hide and seek. The boys happily oblige and hoise the wheelchair-bound Richie up the stairs and leave him in the cupboard whilst they spend the next few hours getting drunk and watching War & Peace and Emmerdale on the television. Richie soon becomes bored and tries to get Eddie's attention, but only succeeds in hurtling down the stairs into the bathroom, breaking his other leg. 

The action then cuts to the lounge afew hours later, where Eddie is busy impersonating Richie to a large group of friends. Richie soon arrives, now sporting two broken legs, and demands to be the centre of attention, molesting one of the female partygoers. This irks Boris, the girl's boyfriend, who suggests to the crowd that they give him the birthday bumps.

The group obliges, launching Richie up into the air and breaking his legs again.

Guest StarsEdit

Steven O'Donnell as Spudgun

Christopher Ryan as Dave Hedgehog

Mark Williams as Boris



  1. The first of five appearances by Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog.

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